Warm Up Your Choir

Chornoten Warm Up Your ChoirWarm Up Your Choir

22 komplette Einsingprogramme für Chor
‘Es geht nicht ohne: Jede gute Probe, jedes gelungene Konzert beginnt mit einem Warmup. Dabei kommt es sehr auf Motivation, Abwechslung, Methodenreichtum und Fantasie an. Genau hier setzt dieses Buch an: In kompakter und anschaulicher Form bietet ”Warm Up Your Choir” 22 komplette Einsingprogramme, egal ob Popchor, Kantorei oder Profi-Formation.

Jede dieser Einheiten enthält Lockerungsübungen für Körper und Stimme, Artikulations- und Intonationsübungen, Patterns und Loop Songs. Das beste daran: Dieses Buch ist vorbereitungslos einsetzbar – einfach aufschlagen und loslegen.’
Komponist: Bertrand Gröger, Herausgeber / Notenverlag: Schott Musik, Edition: Noten, 9783795709679
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Einfach (1/6)

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To The Mothers In Brazil: Salve Regina

Chornoten To The Mothers In Brazil: Salve ReginaTo The Mothers In Brazil: Salve Regina

SATB divisi with optional accompaniment. Originally an instrumental work, Swedish composer Gunnar Eriksson has created a remarkable experimental version for choir which is both deceptively simple and impressively powerful. Deliberately schematic, the score offers a base for improvisation. Each choir is encouraged to create their own unique representation of the emotional meaning inherent in the music itself. Dynamic and intense, this is best for choirs looking to stretch beyond the limits of standard choral repertoire. Recorded by the Sophia Vocal Ensemble, Bengt Ollén, conductor.
Komponist: Lars Jansson, Herausgeber / Notenverlag: Walton Music, Edition: Noten, Walton Choral,
Verfügbar als: : nur Gedruckt – kein Notendownload – Gemischter Chor

Cantate Domino

Chornoten Cantate DominoCantate Domino

An exciting choral work mixing traditional Latin with a fresh, new English text. The strong rhythmic pulse of the opening and closing melody contrasts with a chant-like middle section. For choirs of all ages at any time of the year. Powerful!
Komponist: Jay Althouse, Herausgeber / Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing, Edition: Noten,
Verfügbar als: : nur Gedruckt – kein Notendownload – Gemischter Chor und Klavier

Fall, Slow Tears

Chornoten Fall, Slow TearsFall, Slow Tears

‘Ruth Elaine Schram has become one of the most noted and prolific writers of choral music in our time. The re-voicing of this best-selling title by Ruthie will become her 1,000th choral publication, making this an historic printing, both for her and for Carl Fischer. In the musical lines of the voices and piano accompaniment alike, the ”falling” motive of shed tears creates a highly symbolic experience for singers as well as worshippers. This lush, thought-provoking and reflective work calls worshippers to a time of repentance and recognition of what Christ has done for us by His death on the cross. Rarely has there been a piece so perfectly suited for Communion, Lenten or other services of confession. Stunning, beautiful and hauntingly memorable!’
Komponist: Ruth Elaine Schram, Herausgeber / Notenverlag: Carl Fischer, Edition: Noten, 9780825854019
Verfügbar als: : nur Gedruckt – kein Notendownload – Gemischter Chor

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